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Luciana’s Makeup is a Beauty Boutique Concept. We are proud to offer you more than beautiful brows and lips, but a real experience, a reconnection with your true essence, because we believe that true beauty comes from inside out!


LuvBrows Microblading & Shading

Combining the LuvBrows Microblading with Shading technique, we designrealistic little hairs” combined with the shading movements to build more density to your brows. This technique is ideal for someone who doesn't have much hair or for someone who loves the make up look every day.

Starting Price:$900

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LuvBrows Nanoblading 

LuvBrows Microblading is our unique micropigmentation technique. Creating fine strokes like fake hair, we are able to create the most natural and delicate eyebrow looking, crafted only for you! We do not have a standard format for every person. All of our treatments are customized to you, to your own beauty.

Starting Price:$800


LuvLips Luxe | Lip Blush

Our exclusive pigment color selection is crafted following the natural color of your lips. The main goal is to create a natural lip looking, like a Lip Tint effect, similar to the color of baby lips, like you have cheery lip balm on your lips. The most important and beautiful thing is to bring your self-love and self-esteem back! Yes, because your lips have the incredible power to improve your confidence !

Starting Price:$950



LuvHydraLips is a revolutionary treatment that brings deep exfoliation & hydration for your lips. Promoting a lip skin regeneration that helps to provide volume in expression fine lines, we are able to reduce dryness and signs of age from your lips. This treatment is recommended to be done in, at least, 3 sessions in order to obtain a satisfactory results. LuvHydraLips helps to promote lip skin hydration and regeneration, bringing softness to your lip skin. Durability varies from 2 to 3 months, varying more or less accordingly to the client's homecare. This treatment is ideal to be done during Fall and Winter months.

Starting Price:$220 per session + additional $25 LuvLips Gloss Homecare (optional)

COMBO PACKAGE: $550 for 3 sessions + included LuvLips Gloss Homecare


LuvBrows Lamination

LuvBrows Lamination is designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly full, lifted and fluffy brow. This is a brow treatment - not Microblading - that enhances each natural, individual hair stroke. This treatment can be applied to even the most stubborn brow hair and will realign the directional hair growth and overall shape pf the brows for up to 6 weeks at a time. This treatment has impressive results combined with Brow Tint.

Treatment includes: LuvBrows Design & Shape + LuvBrows Tinting + LuvBrows Lamination



LuvBrows Design & Shape

 LuvBrows design & Shape is our signature Brow Shape service. Mapping the lines and natural features of your face through the combination of Visagism and Linergism, we customize the design of your brows accordingly to the particularities of your own face. During your appointment  that lasts approximately 1hour, you forget about the world outside while we take care of you and your self-esteem.

Staring Price:$90 + Brow growth serum + Brow Therapy

LuvBrows Design & Shape +plus Tint $10 additional

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